Friday, July 5, 2013

Life In Our New Place!

 It’s been 2 months since we’ve moved into our first family home, and so far so good! I think. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t miss living with more people, or that we like having more responsibilities, or that we liked cleaning every inch of this apartment… because, come on, who likes to clean!? But it has been an adventure for all of us, and it’s allowed us to work better as a team. And we’re also learning how to budget our money better and spend our time together more wisely. Being able to sit in your own living room, on your couch and watch TV with the most special people in your life every single night is an amazing feeling.

It’s been getting warmer lately so we’ve been getting good use out of all of the fans in our apartment. We got lucky though because we don’t get any direct sunlight until the sun is setting, so most of the heat that we get is just from the temperature throughout the day. Our room is usually the coolest place the whole day which is nice for the kids when they’re taking their naps.

We’ve met most of our neighbors (briefly) and even gained 2 new ones since we’ve moved in. There’s only one other neighbor that has grandkids at her place every day, otherwise, Riley & Andi are the only kids in this complex. I hope they aren’t too loud :/ Using the laundry room is kind of difficult (and a little annoying) when you have to share it with so many people. It also isn’t great for big loads, so I find myself doing our laundry at Ruben’s parents’ house most of the time. They’re only down the street, anyway!

I think my favorite part of having our own place, so far, is being able to entertain our friends when we want. We’ve had several people over for dinner, UFC fights, and Sunday family dinner. We also get random visitors from time to time J

Though we’ve been here for 2 months, we’re still adjusting to life on our own.

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Carissa Fischer said...

Gee am I apart of the "random visitors" group:/ haha