Thursday, September 19, 2013

Babes To Butterflies: Riley's Developmental Program!

Don't be fooled by the title, Riley is a perfect 3 year old and she is wise beyond her, few, years. But being at home all the time with Andi & I can get a little boring for a toddler, and she doesn't get much interaction with other kids her age or especially an authority figure other than family members.
In August, my mom asked if she could take Riley to a class that was available for kids around Riley's age while my brother went to tutoring. She said that it was a developmental class where they would learn things like numbers, letters, shapes, and even beginning writing. Riley knew most of these things, so I thought it would be worth a shot and my only concern was if she would behave. I didn't know how she would do in a setting where she would have to follow instructions from a stranger (it is a drop off class so she wouldn't have my mom or I there) and not try and get into things, so I was kind of worried for her 1st day. My mom took her while I stayed home with Andi & Amelia- I was little disappointed that I wasn't able to take her to her 1st day of "school" but she was really excited and I knew she would enjoy herself, so that made me feel better. She came back home with all of her papers and proud smile showing me what she learned in "school" that day. I was so proud of her for doing such a great job and staying alone, and following instructions from the teacher!

Since then, she's been improving so much! She's only had 1 day where she didn't listen to the teacher that well, but she's been a really good "student". She now goes 3 days a week (M-W) for an hour and a half, and looks forward to Donut Day on her last day. Now that I don't watch Mila anymore, I can take her 2 of the days and my mom takes her the other. She has definitely improved in tracing her letters, and matching pictures that are the same/opposite. She also has been singing the days of the week at home while she plays with her toys, which is awesome because I've tried to teach her that before and she didn't quite catch on.

Her teacher always has positive feedback for us when we pick her up, and says that Riley is very studious and always gets her work done. She also likes to play with the toys in the classroom before and after their class.

We're so proud of you, Riley! You're such a big girl!!!!

how cute and little she looks in her chair!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Toddler Genius: Riley Learning to Write Letters

Teaching Riley how to write letters by connecting the dots!

Andi's 6th Month Update

All the new things that went on during Andi's 6th month of life!

Toddler TAG with Riley!

This was a YouTube "TAG" that I thought would be fun to do with Riley.


Beginning of Andi Sitting Up!

Andi at 5 months when she started sitting up!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Spartan Sundays

this was before he got his jersey, Go Daddy!

Back in April, Ruben joined his co-worker’s baseball team. Honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t join some kind of weekend sport sooner! They have games every Sunday and occasionally the team will practice or go to the batting cages together. Ruben joined at the end of a season so he only played in 3 games before their Summer season started. Since the new season, they’ve played 4 games and have won 2. Ruben has been doing really well and is now batting 1st! All of their games are in Carson at various parks and are usually at 8am, 11am or 2pm. If he has an 8am game, Riley, Andi and I usually stay home because I don’t like having to wake up two sleeping (and cranky) babies! We did it once, and it did not work out very well.

Keeping a toddler and a baby occupied for 2 ½ hours/9 innings is a job, in and of itself. It’s taken trial and error, but I’ve worked out a good system- I usually pack a lunch bag full of snacks for Riley to have while we’re there and she will sit in her stroller and watch Ruben play/eat her snacks/play with whatever toys we bring. If the playground is close to the baseball field, I will take her over and let her play for a while and then we’ll go back and wait for the game to end. 90% of the time, Andi will sit in her car seat and play with her toys and I will also sit her on my lap and she’ll hang out with us until she gets tired. I will also carry her in our Ergo if I feel that’ll be easier. This past time I actually tried something new and put Andi in the stroller to play with her toys and let Riley sit next to me on the bleachers. It worked for Andi, but Riley was all over the place which made it hard for me to watch both of them. Lucky for me, our friend Azalea (Ruben's co-worker's girlfriend) is there every Sunday so she always helps me out with my two little rascals. Thank you, Azalea!!

It’s been fun to watch Ruben do something he enjoys and support him/cheer him on during his games. I also love how it has become a “family routine” every week, and Riley always looks forward to going to the park to “watch Daddy play baseball”. It’s cute to watch her try and talk to Ruben while he’s playing and she’ll even yell from the stands “Go Daddy!” or “Come on, JR!” Hahaha!

Good luck, Spartans!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Life In Our New Place!

 It’s been 2 months since we’ve moved into our first family home, and so far so good! I think. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t miss living with more people, or that we like having more responsibilities, or that we liked cleaning every inch of this apartment… because, come on, who likes to clean!? But it has been an adventure for all of us, and it’s allowed us to work better as a team. And we’re also learning how to budget our money better and spend our time together more wisely. Being able to sit in your own living room, on your couch and watch TV with the most special people in your life every single night is an amazing feeling.

It’s been getting warmer lately so we’ve been getting good use out of all of the fans in our apartment. We got lucky though because we don’t get any direct sunlight until the sun is setting, so most of the heat that we get is just from the temperature throughout the day. Our room is usually the coolest place the whole day which is nice for the kids when they’re taking their naps.

We’ve met most of our neighbors (briefly) and even gained 2 new ones since we’ve moved in. There’s only one other neighbor that has grandkids at her place every day, otherwise, Riley & Andi are the only kids in this complex. I hope they aren’t too loud :/ Using the laundry room is kind of difficult (and a little annoying) when you have to share it with so many people. It also isn’t great for big loads, so I find myself doing our laundry at Ruben’s parents’ house most of the time. They’re only down the street, anyway!

I think my favorite part of having our own place, so far, is being able to entertain our friends when we want. We’ve had several people over for dinner, UFC fights, and Sunday family dinner. We also get random visitors from time to time J

Though we’ve been here for 2 months, we’re still adjusting to life on our own.

Follow along in our mini family’s journey!


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